Theory & Practical Content:

1. Identify the tools and equipment’s

2.Head theory of figure proportions

3. Measuring and construction of basic skill pattern

4. Drafting of various styles of skill

5. Recognizing Marks and indicators on a pattern ready for cutting

6. Identify the grain line direction on each pattern piece.

7.Sewing practices

8.Skirt grading

9 Constructing shirt basic block

10.Shirt variations

11. Front openings

12. SHIRT grading

13. Sewing practices

14.Constructing dress block

15.Bust darts manipulation

16.Basic sleeve block

17. Sleeve variations-

18. Deep scye and Raglan sleeve, kimono sleeve

19. Collar variations

20.0 Styling from basic block

21.0 Sewing

22. Specifications

23. Constructing trouser basic 24.0 Trouser pockets

25. Pleat trouser


27.Specifications 6 hours 15 hours

28. Factory visit

29. Assignment

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