BSc in Apparel Manufacture and Technology (AMT)

Course Objectives:

B.Sc. Program in Apparel Manufacture & Technology is a four- year course designed to provide the students with a sound foundation in the technology and managerial aspects of apparel manufacturing. To acquire a student has to earn 148 credits from a combination of courses offered by AIFT. After successful completion of this program, a student will be professionally competent to choose his career as Merchandiser, Production Manager, Factory Manager, Compliance Manager, Lecturer, Quality Assurance Manager, Sample Room Manager, Supply Chain Manager, and Industrial Engineer in the RMG sector at home and abroad.

  • Total Credit : 148
  • Duration: 4 Year x 08 Semesters of six months each, Enrollment only)

Total Course Fee: 2, 98,000 Taka
Admission Fee: 15000 Taka