Certificate in Auto Cad 2D & 3D





Admission Requirement

  • Eligibility Criteria:Graduate or Equivalent degree from any recognized home or aboard institution. Passed in HSC from any group/ Alim/ Dip-in-Commerce/ Business /Any Degree passed students can apply.
  • 4 copies of recent passport size photograph.
  • Attested copy of HSC or O & A level examination mark sheet and certificate (must being original certificate & mark sheet)
  • Attested copy of Character Certificate/Testimonial from the head of the last institution attended.
  • Attested copy of any kind of national identity (Birth certificate/National ID)
  • Monthly or Annual Income Statement. For business man income statement from word commissioner or Union council chairman. For Govt. or service holder income statement from their respective office.


  • January-June semester and other in July-December semester.

Course Contents of Auto CAD 2D & 3D

Contents: Auto CAD 2D(Theory)

1. Introduction to Computers and CAD

2. About AutoCAD 2000

3. Concept about Arc

4. Concept about Polygon

5. Concept about Ellipse

6. Importance of Text

7. Define Style

8. How to check Spell

9. Define BHatch

10. Describe Units

11. Functions P Line

12. Importance of ID

13. To know List

14. Functions Dist

15. Concept about XLine

16. Editing with Ray

17. WindowsXP-quicktour.


Contents:Auto CAD 2D(Practical)

1. Computers and CAD

2. About AutoCAD 2000

3. Recommended hardware

4. The first look at AutoCAD 2000

5. Perform Arc

6. Editing with Polygon

7. Using Ellipse

8. Create Text

9. Make Style

10. Check Spell

11. Draw BHatch

12. Create Units

13. Using PLine

14. P Edit

15. ShowId

16. Detail List

17. MeasuresDist

18. MeasuresArea

19. Create XLine

20. Use Ray

21 WindowsXP-quicktour.


Contents:AutoCAD 3D(Theory)

1. The 3rd Dimension why 3rd dimension

2. The conventions of AutoCAD

3. Plan view-in AutoCAD sense

4. About box

5. Define Wedge

6. Explain Cylinder

7. FunctionsCone

8. About 3D array

9. About Mirror 3D

10. About Rotate 3D

11. How to Align,To know Slicf

12. render in gandimaging

13. using 3D image types

14. creating hidden-line images

15. Functions Setuv,To know Isnew

16. How to Lsedit,How to Lslib

17. Functions Fog,Using Background


Contents:AutoCAD 3D (Practical)

  • The 3rd Dimension,Why 3rd Dimension
  • The Conventions of AutoCAD
  • Plan view-in AutoCAD sense
  • The right hand rule
  • Create Box
  • Make Wedge
  • Draw Cylinder
  • Create 3D array
  • Create Mirror 3D
  • Practice Rotate 3D
  • Rendering and Imaging
  • Using 3D image types
  • Creating Hidden-Line images
  • Creating Shaded images
  • Use Setuv,Use Isnew
  • Make Lsedet,Make Lslib
  • Create Fog,Create Background
  • Perform Image,Perform Image attach
  • PracticeImage adjust,Practice Image clip
  • Draw Image frame,Make Image Quality