Higher National Diploma in Apparels Merchandising (HDAM)

Course Objectives:

Post Graduate Diploma in Apparels Merchandising (DAM) is a comprehensive course specially designed for those who want to pursue their career as merchandisers. This is a 240 credits course. Completion of this course will equip the participants to know about the detail of Woven, Knitwear, and Sweater Merchandising. The participants will also know about the theoretical and practical issues of the RMG sector and make them competent and confident to work in RMG related areas choose his career as , Merchandiser, Production Manager, Factory Manager, Compliance Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Industrial Engineer in the RMG sector at home and abroad.

  • Total Credit :240 credits Full Time Program.
  • Duration:02 Year X04 Semester of six months each; spring and fall.

Total Course Fee: 2,24,000 Taka
Admission Fee: 20,000 Taka