MBA in Apparel

Course objectives:

EMBA in Apparel Merchandising is a 2 year’s full time Master’s Program. A student has to earn 60 credits to be eligible for MBA. In the RMG sector in home and abroad merchandising is a highly valued profession. Starting with a modest salary a successful merchandiser’s salary may go up to 1-2 laces per month within 8-10 years. The MBA Program in Apparel Merchandising intends to develop managers by enhancing technical skills and competencies required Apparel Merchandising. After successful completion of this program, a student will be competent to join as merchandisers in the RMG sector.

  • Total Credit :60
  • Duration:2 Year x 04 Semesters of six months each, Enrollment only)
  • Total Course Fee: 1,76,000 Taka
    Admission Fee: 15,000 Taka