Welcome to Apparel Institute of Fashion & Technology – also known by its acronym AIFT. This Institution started functioning from 2012, a pioneer and leading training institute specialized in the apparel sector of Bangladesh. It started functioning in 2012 and was affiliated with the National University. AIFT is dedicated to train and develop skilled manpower for the ready made garment, textile and allied sectors of Bangladesh. The aim is to develop this institute as a center of excellence for producing technically competent human resources through higher education, research and development to serve the nation.

With the current global economic down turn the world has changed and along with it the ways to practice trade and commerce. A changing environment demands new technology and services. Customers have diversified and the buyers and vendors are constantly under pressure for quality products and good working conditions. Growth depends on development of social compliance and our RMG sector must be capable of facing such changes to meet international standards. AIFT will be always there to help bring about the changes to sustain our growth.

With a dedicated teaching staff along with a logistics support team there is no room for doubt that here we are at work to train and develop human resources which will in turn work for our national growth and a prosperous economically strong Bangladesh.

AIFT strives to produce knowledgeable, skilled and excellent employable graduates and encourages excellence in all its activities upholding high academic standards. Our graduates continue to enjoy the best success rate in gaining full employment. We all are proud to be a part of the success of this rapidly growing institution. The dedication and commitment of our faculties and staff to guide the students to accomplish their goals will definitely ensure the continued success of AIFT and help achieve increased academic excellence.


Engr. Afsana Jahan Mim