The mission of AIFT is to produce versatile and resourceful practitioners with scientific, technological and social knowledge and equip them to overcome the challenge of the 21st Century with the following Specific objectives:

  • To develop AIFT as an international standard institute of Apparel, Fashion Design, Apparel Merchandising, Textile Technology and other allied areas such as Trimming and accessories design, fashion modeling, fashion photography, fashion marketing etc.
  • To delivery international standard education in fashion and technology and other areas as mentioned.
  • To strengthen the Bangladesh export oriented RMG, textile and other allied industries by providing technically skilled human resources;
  • To increase the overall efficiency and productivity of the RMG, Textile and other allied sector through development of human resources.
  • To develop technical competency and consultancy skill relating to local, national and international issues on RMG, Textile and allied areas.
  • To provide technical assistance in all aspects of Garments Manufacturing, Designing, and marketing of the local Garment, Textile, Apparel and allied industries.
  • To keep close contact with the students and employers to fulfill their intellectual and creative potential.
  • To create opportunities for development and training of the employees and staffs of the RMG, Textile and allied sector.
  • To establish and maintain close links with the similar local and foreign institutions to encourage exchange of staffs and students.

Vision Statement:

AIFT proposed to establish itself as a “Center of Excellence” to produce technically competent human resources for the RMG, Apparel and allied sector of home and aboard emphasizing on innovation and creativity.

AIFT will be globally celebrated as the institution where students, scholars, and teachers cross traditional disciplinary boundaries to stimulate innovation, partner with creative industries worldwide, and develop innovative design and business solutions. By focusing on the three major goals, AIFT will become stronger by conscious design and be known as a strategic organization—one that applies available resources to greatest effect to achieve its vision.