Certificate Course in Air hostess


Cabin attendants’ training is about safety. Their duties and responsibilities in air transport operation are safety-related and their training should clearly reflect this fact. There is reason to believe that, in many places, cabin attendants may not have been given enough information about practice with equipment and situations to master the skills they need in an emergency. This course contains the basic knowledge to demonstrate the necessary skill in workplace.

Employment Opportunity:

  • Air hostess in different Airlines
  • Cabin Attendants in Aircraft
  • Junior purser, Senior purser, Chief Purser of Airlines Industries.
  • Aviation safety Officers in different Airlines
  • Cabin Crew Manager in different Airlines
  • Hospitality Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Front Desk officer in Airlines and in Tourism sector
  • Travel/Tourist guide
  • Six Month : 25000 TK
  • Admission Fee: 10,000 Tk
  • Three Month : 18000 Tk
  • Admission Fee: 5000 Tk
Certificate in Cabin Crew

Contents for Theory (Common & Core Competencies)

Module 1: Introduction to the Cabin Crew Profession

Module 2: Landing the Job

Module 3: Cabin Crew Healthy Living / Lifestyle

Module 4: Introduction to the Aviation Industry

Module 5: Introduction to Aircraft and Aviation

Module 6: Crew Member Coordination and Communication

Module 7: Customer Service

Module 8: Managing Passenger

Module 9: Safety and Emergency Procedures

Module 10: Medical Emergencies and Medical Training

Module 11: Introduction to Dangerous Goods

Module 12: Aviation Security

Module 13: Introduction to Airline Catering and Food Service