Certificate in Denim Washing & Finishing

Course Objectives:

Certificate course in Denim Washing & Finishing is a comprehensive course specially designed for those who want to pursue their career as Wash . Completion of this course will equip the participants to know about the detail of Denim Woven, Knitwear, and Sweater Wash. The participants will also know about the theoretical and practical issues of the RMG sector and make them competent and confident to work in RMG related areas choose his career as , GM , Production Manager, Factory Manager, in the RMG & Washing sector at home and abroad.

  • Three Month : 21,000 Tk
  • Admission Fee: 8,000 Tk
Certificate in Denim Washing & Development


Introduction to Textile

Introduction to textile fibers

Introduction to Yarns

Introduction to Fabrics

Introduction to fabric

Different types of fabric

Introduction to Dyeing

Different types of Dyeing

Introduction to Washing

Different types of Washing

Different types of Chemical

Washing Process

Testing Standard for washing

Product Development

Quality requirements for wash

Garment washing techniques

Sampling System follow up

Washing Production planning and Control


Payment terms

Industry Visit-8 hrs 4 Days

Assignment of Textiles

Assignment on Washing

Assignment on Material consumption