Facilities at AIFT

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Scholarship Facilities:

Scholarship scheme will be applicable for the applicant of 2 years and 4 years program:

Result SSC & HSC
Percentage Scholarship
5-Golden A(+)
5-With 4th subject


There is a rich library at AIFT. It has rich collection on different types of books like, Fashion, Textile, Garments, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Design, Textile, Pattern Cutting & Design, Garments Manufacturing & Technology, Accounting, Management, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography, Sociology, English, Marketing, Fiction books, Arts and Business. Students can read any book inside library and they also can borrow books for two weeks.

Lab Facilities:

Computer Lab:

  • Full set of Computer: 25 Set
  • Scanner 1 pc.
  • Software: CAD Auto CAD, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator, Draping Mat, ERP Solution Etc.
  • Printer: Laser printer Color – 1 set & Black & White -1set

Sewing Lab:

  • 1.Union special flat lock 1 set
  • Single needle lockstitch machine 14 Set
  • Kansai Machine 1 Set
  • Feed of the Arm Machine 1 Set
  • Button hole –Lock Stitch Machine 1 set
  • Flatbed Knit Machine 2 Set
  • Five Needle Over-lock stitch Machine 1 set
  • Iron Table 1 set
  • Cutting Table 1 Pc.
  • Measurement Tape 1 Pc
  • Scissor 4 Pc.
  • Woven Fabric 1 roll
  • Knit Fabric 1 roll

Pattern & Draping Lab:

  • Pattern Table
  • White Board
  • Scissor
  • Measurement Tape
  • Dummy – Women
  • Different types of Scale
  • Brown Paper

Swatch & Sample Lab:

  • White Board
  • Dress form (Dummy)
  • Shelf & Hanger
  • Men’s Shirts, Trousers
  • Woman Tops
  • Knit Fabric Swatch
  • Woven fabric Swatch
  • Sweater Yarn

Testing Lab:

  • Beaker 30
  • Test tubes 30
  • Glass rod 30
  • Conical hag 40
  • Phenols as per requirements
  • Sulphuric Acid as per requirements
  • Electronic Balance 1
  • GSM Cutter 2
  • Counting Glass 10
  • Electronic balance 1
  • Microscope 1
  • Color Light Box 1
  • Crock Meter 1

Teaching Equipment:

  • Most modern training equipment like Multi-Media Projector.
  • Overhead projector
  • Video Clip on different field of RMG sector
  • White Board
  • Flipchart Board
  • Flip chart paper & paper marker
  • Computer
  • Writing pad, pen & pencil
  • White board marker (multicolor)
  • Meta card board & meta card
  • Board pin
  • Stop watch

International Co-operation:

  • Buyer Co-Operation
  • Local and International supplier co-Operation
  • International fair attend
  • Local fashion fair attend
  • Worldwide co-operation buyer
  • International Fashion show

Art Labs and Studios:

The institute promotes brilliance without boundaries. Students from different disciplines are encouraged to use art labs & studios across disciplines. This integrated approach to learning promotes interactivity, arriving at one creative language. The Institute invests in the latest equipment to introduce the updated teaching practices to the class set.

Photography Lab:

The Department of Fashion Communication maintains a photography lab that includes the most advanced hardware used by domain experts. It is equipped with state-of-the-art suspended Elinchrom lights and motorized backdrops, various accessories like diffusing materials, extensions & radio triggers, Manfrotto tilt-pan tripods etc. enhance the learning experience for students. The infrastructure provided not only helps students develop awareness of old and new photography practices but also assists them in realizing ambitious production based projects.

AC Classroom facilities:

Classrooms are fully air-conditioned and contain all modern teaching implements, including high-resolution 3M Brand multimedia projectors. We have classrooms to fit all class sizes and needs.

Hostel Facilities:

The Institute offers residential accommodation for those students who wish it. There are separate hostels for male and female students. Both hostels have all necessary facilities.

Teacher Student Center:

Teacher-Student Centre of AIFT is an all-campus activity centre designed for relaxation and guidance. It was established under the Authority of AIFT.
It has value as community center unifying the life of the institute and serves as a sponsor of self-directed activity in which students learn that they are responsible for the welfare of their college and their country.
Teacher Student Center frequently arranges:

  • Voluntary Blood Donation Program
  • Nation’s development program
  • Program on donating reliefs during devastating flood
  • Program for celebration of festivals