Recourses Centre

The Network of AIFT Resource Centre’s is the only Apparel and Fashion Information System (AFIS) in Bangladesh catering to the information needs of fashion professionals, would-be professionals and fashion educators. The integrated collections of print, digital, audio and visual creative resources are the only systematically documented learning resources available in Bangladesh for the study of international and contemporary Bangladesh fashion. AFIS is a decentralized network, computerized and coordinated by the Resource Centre at AIFT.

The collections at the RCs include:

  • Books and periodicals
  • National and international fashion and textile journals
  • Audio-visuals
  • International collections of YSL, Chanel, Armani, Christian Dior, Dolce &Gabbana, etc.
  • Textile collections

Materials Collections:


The Resource Centers (RCs) showcase regional costumes of Bangladesh and other countries as well as designer clothing. All the Resource Centers have representative collections of costumes of all the states of traditional of Bangladesh. The repertoire includes the traditional and contemporary, stitched and unstitched, embroidered and plain clothing of all of the society.


The Textiles collections in the Resource Centers have fully documented and methodically arranged collections of fabric swatches and pieces used for teaching purpose. Swatches are categorized according to fabrics or regions for display. Fabric samples received from various trend services and export houses are also displayed for academic reference.

Fashion Accessories

All the Resource Centers have collections of fashion accessories including jewelry, footwear, and head wear and other items of adornment. RCs also have Findings Collection containing all the materials required to complete a garment.

Academic and Creative Excellence:

AIFT will provide a rigorous learning experience built on the highest standards of academic and scholarly excellence; an environment that promotes creativity and experimentation; and diverse experiential learning with a variety of industry partners.

An Innovation Center:

The Institution will work with industries worldwide to help address key challenges, build an even stronger culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at AIFT, and establish collaborations that translate creative ideas into action.

An Empowering Student Community:

AIFT will build an inclusive community in which students engage with, learn from, and inspire each other—discovering how their differences and similarities promote creativity, intellectual and personal growth, and understanding.

Research & Publications Zone:

The dissemination of research is actively encouraged in the form of publications, especially books, monographs, and craft and course documentations to name a few. These publications reflect total diverse and dynamic socio-cultural and economic scenarios wherein perspectives on research in design, practice, and education have been appropriately interwoven with the contemporary concerns of sustainability and development. The institute actively motivates its students and faculty members to nurture the spirit of research. AIFT firmly believes that teaching, practice, and research are interdependent, and are essential for creating new knowledge and enriching design education.