Students Forum

English language club:

AIFT English Language club has been a very popular and successful club in its activities and objectives. The main objective of this club is to make students fluent in English. So the club arranges different kinds of chat sessions, public speaking sessions and workshops .It’s motto is “Better English Better career”.

This club is open for all students. Engr.Md.Abul Hossain Hassan, a Lecturer of the Apparel Institute of Fashion& Technology, is the current moderator of this club. This club arranges different cultural programs. Students of different departments play roles here.

We also organize programs like Writing Skills, Reading session. In writing session one of our respective faculty members conduct the session give a topic and tell students to write on it, evaluate and give his remarks. In Reading session Students reads their own writings, we honor best writings with certificates and crests.

Sometimes foreign students come to our university. At that time we conduct Cultural Exchange Program to show them some aspects of our culture and they also try to do something to show us what they really are. They also come to our chat session.

Games and Sports Club (GSC):

Games and sports are closely related to the life of students. It creates tremendous effect on the education of a student. So fulfilling all this demands AIFT Games and Sports Club (AGSC) has been developed.Its main object is to make a good atmosphere through which the students can show their performances and co-operate with their study. By arranging different tournament of indoor and outdoor games the students get a chance for refreshing themselves and also to show their ability in different aspect. This club will provide all necessary facilities related to sports and different tournament in time to time. Future plan of our Club:

  • Arranging indoor and outdoor tournament yearly.
  • Provide students with sports facilities.
  • Arranging intra-department and intra-batch tournament.
  • Participate in different Institute leagues
  • Arranging teacher-student friendship match.
  • Participate in different Local leagues and so on.

Cultural club:

Every year AMT & FDT department organize field trip, study tour, cultural event to promote sense of social interaction among the students. Besides education we also encourage cultural activities. We organize activities on different functions within the university. Also functions and competitions are organized with other universities which help us share knowledge and resources.

Debate club:

The objective of the AIFT Debating Club is to promote oratory skill and discipline, build fraternity among debaters is the main objective of the ADC. It also aims at spreading the culture of seeking knowledge and encouraging positive discourses through debating both on campus, in-country and worldwide.
Every year ADC organizes two intra competition and one national level tournament. A debate session is conducted every Thursday for improving the skill of the debaters.

Fashion & Merchandising club:

AIFT FMC Club was established for the betterment of the students’ personal skills which would help them to cope with their upcoming challenges to come in job life. The students of this club in September 06, 2014 with a motto of improving the public speaking & presentation skill of the students. This club gives the birth of the most proclaiming sentence “Proud to be an Merchandisian ” in AIFT arena. It is the first initiative by any department to open a departmental club in this beautiful campus.

AIFT Club helps its member in various ways. It arranges factory visit frequently after every months with the co-operation of the club which includes literature, textile news, article on modern technology etc. After every 15 days the club arranges a presentation class of two hours for making the members suitable for corporate jobs. Sometimes it arranges some motivational seminars to motivate students. An annual picnic is organized by the club for the refreshment of the student every year.